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    reading core:init debug value as a variabel

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I'd like to configure components.xml to set debug=true in dev envmts and debug=false in other envmts.  Currently it's hard-coded to false which is limiting.

      What's the best/easiest way to achieve this?  I'd like to have the variable read as an envmt variable (e.g. env.JBOSS_HOME like in an Ant property):

      <property name="jboss.home" value="${env.JBOSS_HOME}"/>

      or as reading directly from an Ant or Maven property/variable.  I'd like to have it default to false, assuming that the variable will not be set in QA/prod envmts, etc.

      So perhaps an envmt variable would be the easiest route but I need that variable to work in Win and Linux envmts.

      Any ideas?  thx.