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    Seam 2.2.1CR2 \ JSF 2 \ JBoss 6.0M5

    dje12 Newbie
      I am totally confused and starting to get frustrated. 

      We have a Seam application that has been in production for 3+ years.  We are now working on a major new release with new functionality.  We want to incorporate updates made to the PrimeFaces library.  Going forward PrimeFaces is going to only support JSF 2.

      We also wanted to upgrade our application to JSF 2 for all the improvements.  This is where things start to go bad for me.

      We have upgraded to Seam 2.2.1CR2 because it appears that this supports JSF 2 and the documentation says that the examples are deployable to JBoss6.0M4.  We try to deploy to JBoss6.0M4, but because we used Google Guava in our code, we can't.  I upgraded to JBoss6.0M5.  I get errors related to el, but I found a post, where it says to use a different version of the el-jar.  Once we did that, we now get the following messages:

      20:07:42,432 INFO  [config] Unsanitized stacktrace from failed start...: javax.faces.view.facelets.FaceletException: Must have a Constructor that takes in a ComponentConfig
              at com.sun.faces.facelets.tag.AbstractTagLibrary$UserComponentHandlerFactory.<init>(AbstractTagLibrary.java:289) [:2.0.2-FCS]

      This seems to imply that the seam-ui.jar is not compatible with JSF2?

      I am confused about the conflicting messages related to Seam working with JSF2.  I guess my basic question is does Seam 2.2.1CR work with JSF2 and JBoss 6.0M4 or does it not?

      Is it a fool's errand to keep trying?  Some message seem to say "Wait for Seam 3".  Well, we have been waiting and waiting and waiting.

      We originally picked Seam because it was agile, lately it seems more fragile than agile and not living up to being seamless any longer.