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    Seam 2.3.0

    zeeman Novice


      I see that there is Jira branch for Seam 2.3.0. Any ideas on when to expect to get the final 2.3.0 release?

      As you can see from various posts Seam 2.2 users want to migrate to JSF 2/newer jboss AS and it's not possible due to issues with Seam 2.2 and JSF 2.

      Seam 3 is not stable enough for production, it takes a big effor to migrate from Seam 2 to 3. Seam 2.2 has issues running on AS 6 (check issues under 2.3.0) and does not work with JSF 2.

      Pushing 2.3.0 ASAP will lets users migrate smoothly to Seam 3 and will keep them happy.