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    webservice IllegalStateException jboss.web.deployment:war=Picu2 is already installed

    gadeyne.bram Master


      Configuration: Seam 2.2.2.Final, ear package.

      I've added a webservice to my ear project.

      public interface ClientStatusWS {
              public String updateStatus(String majorVersion, String minorVersion);

      public class ClientStatusWSImpl implements ClientStatusWS{
              public String updateStatus(String majorVersion,
                              String minorVersion) { ... }

      When I try to deploy my project i get an webservice IllegalStateException jboss.web.deployment:war /Picu2 is already installed.

      When I change /Picu2 in context-root int application.xml to /Picu the project starts normally but the webservice remains on the /Picu2 context root.

      How should I configure this? Can I change the webservice context-root to something else and keep the project at Picu2?

      With kind regars