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    Seam 3 security  with seam faces 3.0.2

    Thiago Costa Newbie

      This is my first post. lol


      Hi, my name's Thiago.


      I have a doubt.

      I'm trying integrate seam-faces 3.0.2.final and security 3.0.0.final, but viewConfig it's not working correctly.


      I catch example and nothing.


      Actually, I'm trying with Tomcat 7.0.25


      Looks below:




      public interface ApplicationViewConfig {


         static enum Pages {















      This idea was when the user trying to access somewhere without login, then redirect him to "/page/public/login.xhtml".


      In some codes I saw the association of '@LoggedIn', but the seam 3.0.2 compilation error of this structure. Could someone guide me, I'm new to this framework.



      I'm trying integrate tomcat 7 and seam 3.1, but it's not working correctly too.

      Gives error about TransactionInterceptor, if I don't mistake.

      Then, I don't to reasearch more.



      Sorry, I'm trying, but my english its not perfect.