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    Standalone to remote EJB reconnect issues..

    markus78 Newbie

      If I start my standalone client with no servers started it naturally fails to invoke on any beans on the servers, but when I later start the servers without restarting the client it seems like the standalone client never connects with the servers.

      The reconnect seems to work if there has been some connection between the server and standalone client prior to the restart of the server.


      The servers are specified in my jboss-ejb-client.properties file so the ejb-client should be able (have all information) to connect even if it has not had any prior connection to the server i think.


      To reproduce


      create a standalone client that creates a new initalcontext and lookup bean and invoke on it every 30 seconds or so

      start the standalone client

      wait for failure messages

      start the server witch has the actual bean on it



      If I start the server FIRST and then shut it down midways , the client will reconnect.


      Is this the intended behavior?




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