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    How to remove the column alias names

    Rakesh Balguri Expert

      Hi all,


      I am using teiid 7.6 with some patches applied.


      I have a SQL Select name, age, salary from employee.


      When I run this sql against teiid I get the following SQL in my custom translator


      Select g_0.name AS c_0, g_0.age AS c_1, g_0.salary AS c_2 from employee as g_0


      I do not want the alias names to be applied the columns. Is there any way that we can tell teiid not to add the Alias names to the columns?




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          Steven Hawkins Master

          Hi Rakesh,


          If the translator supports "select expressions" or inline views, then in many circumstances we will add aliases - even if the query may be more simplistic and not need them.  In general adding the aliases prevents issues with inline view column naming and keeping track of order by expressions.  This was probably a behavior change for you after TEIID-1929, which fixed the inline view naming issue.  You should typically not see aliases in the source query unless there is an inline view, order by, non-column select expression, limit clause, or it is a set query.  What circumstances can you handle aliases in?



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            Rakesh Balguri Expert

            Hi Steven,


            Our translator should support select expressions and inline views as there are many SQL's which gets executed through this translator.

            Also, I think we need to make changes in our translator to support this.


            The SQL which we get in the translator has some extra columns and we need to remove those columns from the SQL before passing it to our product which executes it and returns the results.

            My translator extends the ExecutionFactory. I have a regular expression which checks the SQL and removes the unnecessary columns from the SQL.