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    Question on what you can run in the "post" section

    Stephen Wood Newbie


      I have a question regarding what should (or can) be run in the post section in a build configuration.

      We've been trying to build a Centos appliance that has certain custom apps installed (from zips) which are then set up via some custom scripts and some ant tasks.

      We've not been able to get these to complete from the post section (run ok using shell scripts on the produced appliance.


      The question is therefore, is there a limit to what types of tasks you should do in the post section - based on their complexity or the amount of processing they require?



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          Marek Goldmann Master



          In general - there is no limit, but you need to be aware of a few things.


          1. This is not a normal shell, we use libguestfs to execute the commands.
          2. Executing may take more time than executing in normal shell you're used to. If you run BG in a VM - it will be even slower.
          3. You have a memory limit by default set to 300 MB, but it can be extended by setting LIBGUESTFS_MEMSIZE env variable.


          I advice to execute only required things. If you have some very heavy tasks, consider doing it a first boot or preapre the tasks to be executed faster. Another advice: don't let grow the post section too much - better use the files section, inject scripts and execute them in post section.