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    Website gotchas and Github's deadlinks

    Amit Saha Newbie

      Hello: I noticed a few things here and there I wuold like to point out.


      1. The page at https://github.com/boxgrinder/boxgrinder-rest pointing to TorqueBox's build from CI is broken: http://ci.stormgrind.org/viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt7&buildId=lastSuccessful&tab=artifacts&guest=1
      2. On the development page at http://boxgrinder.org/development/, under BoxGrinder REST section, it should be "BoxGirinder REST source code is spread across two repositories"
      3. The link to BoxGrinder documentation from the http://boxgrinder.org/rest/ page links to the generic tutorials page and there isn't any REST related documentation.


      I intend to explore the REST API soon and I can try to write a short documentation on it. Kindly let me know the right link for the TorqueBox's build. 


      Hope they help.