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    trying to get a <something>-ra.xml to work

    jleinawe Newbie

      Working on a resource-adapter and I can only get it to integrate with JBoss 7 by editing standalone.xml.


      I see references that say you can use a descriptor to integrate a resource-adapter provided it is given a name that ends in "-ra.xml".    Does anyone have an example of this file that works (not looking for a reference to a schema, rather a real working file).


      My understanding is that I can drop this "-ra.xml" in the standalone/deployments directory.    When I do this it doesn't seem to do anything for the rar file (also dropped in the standalone/deployment directory).     If I go to the JBoss deployments screen on the console, it does show my attempt at a "-ra.xml" as deployed and enabled.


      Also, is it possible to deploy these "-ra.xml" files with the rar?






      I can't seem to get that to work either.     I'm trying to avoid editing standalone.xml to integrate my resource-adapter.  

      I'm new to JBoss 7 so I don't have an older "-ds.xml" file that I can try to convert