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    Enable deferred startup in JBoss 7

    Stian Lund Expert


      While the fast startup of JBoss 7 is great for testing purposes, for a more stable environment it would be good if the Jboss container can defer the starting of inbound connectors until all applications have finished deploying.


      We have a large-ish app that does a lot of Hibernate and Spring stuff on startup, so it uses quite a bit of time (20-30 secs) before it's fully deployed. This causes the webcontainer to throw a 404 until this time, which would cause issues in a fully clustered environment with users logging in. Frontend (we use BigIP) would detect the TCP port being open and start sending user requests.


      In a way, JBoss 7 is "cheating" starting just the essentials and opening inbound connections before apps are fully initialized - hence the fast startup.


      So my question, is it possible to delay opening inbound connectors until all deployable apps are fully started?


      Have not been able to find any docs on this issue.