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    richfaces rich:contextMenu disappears in IE6 when onmouseout on calling div is executed

    gadeyne.bram Master

      I've created a div with a componentControl that should open a contextmenu

      <a4j:form id="frm">


           <div id="I32" onmouseover="some jquery function" onmouseout ="other jquery function"> <rich:componentControl attachTo="IE32" event="oncontextmenu" for="infmenu" operation="show"> </rich:componentControl> </div>




      The contextmenu is generaly like this


      <rich:contextMenu  attached="false" id="infmenu" submitMode="ajax" > some <rich:menuItem> and <rich:menuGroup> tags </rich:contextMenu>


      In IE6, The contextmenu appears like expected when performing a right click (oncontextmenu event). When I try to hover over this contextMenu, the onmouseout function of my div is called and the contextMenu disappears. When i delete the onmouseout parameter from my div, the contextmenu remains visible.


      The onmouseout function is like this: jQuery('#I32').removeClass('classA'); jQuery('#I31').addClass('classB');

      Does anyone have any idea why this does not work?

      Firefox, IE9 and IE9 in compatibility mode do work like expected.