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    SAML Binding and Parsing

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      You've helped me with other problems very well, so here are two new ones

      We are running picketlink in a JBOSS AS 7.1 Server (picketlink 2.0.1) (tried in EAP 6 with picketlink 2.0.3 too). We use an external IDP. For the request we use a redirect- and for the response a post-Binding (Is it possible to configure the Response-Binding in SP?). The request works well and the response is send to the correct url. But there is only shown a blank page. After searching und debugging a time we found out, that there are some thins in picketlink, that we don't understand.


      1.) Although the response comes with post-binding, picketlink "thinks", that it is redirect-binding (in class ServiceProviderSAMLResponseProcessor attribute postBinding). Because of this we get some error:


      java.util.zip.ZipException: too many length or distance symbol


      2.) We have written a subclass of ServiceProviderSAMLResponseProcessor and there the attribute postBinding is always true. This way, we get another error:


      PL00066: Parser : Expected end tag:AuthnContext>.  Found </NoVerification>


      But the SAML-Response ist correct: (Only the important part is shown here):





                              <samlacpass:Identification nym="verinymity">









      It seems, that picketlink always searches for a start- and an end-tag.

      Is there something we could have done wrong or is it a bug in picketlink?


      Thanks for your help,