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    General questions about BoxGrinder

    Cristian Roldan Newbie

      Hi All,

           I have some basic questions about BG (BoxGrinder)


      1) When will be supported RHEL 6.2 ?

      2) Is it posible to add a existing vmdk file to an appliance definition ?

      3) Is it posible to set the root password for my new appliance, how ?

      4) Is it posible to deploy a created vmware appliance to an ESX host or VirtualCenter infraestructure ?

      5) Depending on appliance type we need to create some specif users at the build phase, how to do that ?

      6) How to create a new virtual disk of N GB in the appliance definition ?

      7) How to add virtual nnetwork interface ?, our appliance has two ethernet interfaces.

      8) I have built an appliance, I saw that a lot of packages were downloaded from an external site, is it posible to create an internal package repository in order to store RHEL packages ?


      thanks a lot.