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    JBOSS 7.1.1 Remote EJB Authentication with custom credentials

    Serkan Yıldırım Newbie


      I wrote a custom login module for my custom authentication operations. In this login process i need client certificate to validate and client digital signature and signed data for signature verification. After these steps are successful, i can authenticate the user and create the roles for the user. I'm searching jboss forums and google for two days, but all the examples are for username and password authentication. In older versions of the JBOSS, it was possible to send credentials by using JAAS login context. However, if i understand correctly, in JBOSS 7.1.1 it is given as jboss remoting connection options like


      properties.put("remote.connection.default.username", userName);

      properties.put("remote.connection.default.password", password);


      But these options are for username and password.


      i will be thankful if you could you give an example for sending certificate, signature, signed data as credentials to a custom login module.