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    Building Designer Locally

    Dan Florian Newbie

      Some changes to the build configuration files have been made recently that make building locally really easy. Here are the steps to do a local build:


      1. Get latest from SVN.

      2. Comment out the SWTBot test plugins in tests/pom.xml. The SWTBot tests fail right now when building locally.

      3. In terminal window enter these commands:

           a. cd <designer-workspace-root>

           b. mvn install -P jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite,jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite-soa-tooling,unified.target




      1. If you don't want to run tests you can add the following option to the "mvn" command: -Dmaven.test.skip=true

      2. Remember *NOT* to check-in the tests/pom.xml file that was changed above.

      3. There might be a way to code the SWTBot pom.xml files such that they can be skipped automatically. If we can get that working we wouldn't need to do step 2 above. Mikael Istria pointed me to  http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-antrun-plugin/examples/tasksAttributes but I haven't spent any time on it.

      4. Must be using Maven 3