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    Date range criteria of Yahoo Translator

    jeffrey kwok Newbie

      I would like to extend sandbox's yahoo translator to allow it support a date range selection in the query. However, when i execute the query [select * from yahoostock where symbol='xxx' AND dateprice bwtween  '2010-02-03' and '2012-05-05''  condition in the query, I found the this criteria is removed by teiid.  (i updated the date field to dateprice in the code already which is the original date column return from yahoo)


      e.g, when I print out the query object in the YahooExecution directly, I found  that the " date bwtween  '2010-02-03' and '2012-05-05'  " criteria is not exited . the print out is  "select * from yahoostock where symbol='xxx'"


      How can I get the dateprice condition from the inputted query so that I can update the yahoo url ?