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    How to configure filesystem to MQ by switchyard camel component

    David Zhu Newbie

      As i am doing some investigations on how is it works that switchyard integration with Camel, I felt a little bit hard to understand the process of routing/processing/different pattern implementation by just providing 4 and 5 typical binding  samples.

      1. switchyard-quickstart-camel-binding   file/ftp/sftp/ftps -> swyd:service
      2. switchyard-quickstart-camel-jms-binding    queue monitor -> swyd:service
      3. switchyard-quickstart-camel-rest-binding    not start yet
      4. switchyard-quickstart-camel-service     Java DSL - swyd;service


      but how to configure some other typical scenarios. for instance:

      1. filesystem - MQ
      2. filesystem - processorA - processorB - MQ


      please advise how can i that helps?



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