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    JBoss-Admin for your iPhone v1.0


      Hi there,


      over the last couple of months I have been working (in my spare time) on an iphone app that will allow you to remotely administer a JBoss 7 server using the exposed http management interface. I am happy to announce that the app is finally published in the app store!


      The application supports the following features:


      - Subsystem Metrics Monitoring

      The metrics currently exposed are for Configuration, JVM, Data Sources, JMS Destinations, Transactions and Web subsystems (similar to those shown in the JBoss built-in web console).


      - Deployments Management

      You can upload an artifact (installed on your iPhone through iTunes file sharing mechanism) and then enable/disable it on the server.


      - Browse the management tree

      The whole management tree is exposed for you to configure, similar to the JBoss-cli {-gui} tool provided by the server. You can easily modify attributes and execute operations. Documentation of attributes and operation parameters (as provided by the JBoss 7 server) is easily accessed for you to refer.


      Note that both operating modes (Standalone / Domain) of the server are supported. If running in "Domain" mode, you can easily switch the server you want to monitor its metrics, as well as manage deployments on each individual server-group.


      It's free and you can find it here:



      I've created a screencast that demonstrates the application "in action". You can find it here:



      I am looking forward for your comments and suggestions





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