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    MBean slows down queue?

    Dimar van Rietschoten Newbie



      We are using HornetQ 2.2.5 in JBoss AS 6.1

      A local queue is deployed, and a (core) bridge forwards the messages to another queue.

      The queue is written to by a webservice, deployed in the JBoss instance. In the test environment, the webservice is called sequentially (1 thread) but constantly. The throughput remains constant and acceptable.


      However, we see a dramatic drop in performance (throughput is down to 1 message per 3 seconds) when we use the JMX bean to read queue properties. The performance does not recover until we restart the JBoss AS instance.


      Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Should I look at the bridge configuration, or other areas?



      Kind regards,


      Dimar van Rietschoten