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    Creating a presentation material repository

    Rajmahendra Hegde Newbie

      I was watching videos @ http://arquillian.org/invasion/videos/ and want to get the slide of Testable Enterprise Development with Arquillian by Aslak Knutsen, Andrew Lee Rubinger. i found one in Andrw slideshare profile.


      Why not we have one stop place for all presentation like the video page and/or we connect those slides with the video as well.


      Any more idea views about this post here...

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          Aslak Knutsen Master

          We should be able to pull in Arquillian related slides from e.g. SlideShare via their APIs and display them similar as the Videos.




          Same with Lanyrd, when an Event has attached 'meterials' we can show them. This is mostly only available on old events, since slides are rarely released/done upfront.


          We might want to consider merging a Slides page and the Video page into one 'entry' point 'somehow' on Arquillian.org. Video Recording / Slides / Interviews / PodCasts / Events are jsut different 'item' types.


          These are all related to displaying old/finished presentations, but we should consider getting our 'Slides Meterial' Repository up and running as well. Not sure if this should be a part of the artwork repository.

          This ties back to our new(to come), presentation tool chain. We need to be able to separate between textual content, graphical content, presentation flow, speaker notes etc, so others can reuse and reassamble the base material much easier.