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    popuppanel and validation problem

    ugo rossi Newbie


      I have strange problem with popuppanel and validation. I'm using richfaces 4, jsf 2.

      I have a data Table that contains some rows. Clicking on a table's cell, the user open a popup punel.

      In the popuppanel there are 3 inputext where the user must put some value "require=true". When the input fase is teminate, the user persist the data in a DB table and close the popuppanel.

      Now if the user, click on a new row the popuppanel shows the clicked data and everything it's ok.

      But if during the submit phase, there are some validation problem i have a strange problem. When i close the popoup, select a new row, click on it for open the popuppanel whit these dagta

      i find in the popup the old date, and not the new one.

      I read something about a component bug, someone can help me?

      Thank you!!

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          Brendan Healey Master

          Hi, without seeing the code there's a lot of guess work and this is a stab in the dark...


          How does the row click work that opens the popupPanel? are you using extendedDataTable with the selectionchange event

          or is there a commandLink/commandButton in the row? Either way you need to render the contents of the popupPanel. So

          you would need something like this:


          <rich:popupPanel ...>

            <h:panelGroup id="panelContents">





          & render="panelContents" on row click.




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            ugo rossi Newbie

            Hi, thaks a lot.

            There is commandLink in the row of the table.


            <a4j:commandLink oncomplete="#{rich:component(contrQualBB.pop)}.show();"

            render="popup" onclick="show(#{cq.id},'dup')"



            <h:graphicImage value="../../resources/images/duplica.gif" alt="Duplica" style="border:0"



            <rich:tooltip id="tt2" styleClass="tooltip" layout="block"








            In the command link i render the popuppanel





            h:form id="formPanel">



            <rich:popupPanel id="popup" modal="true" autosized="true" resizeable="false" height="560" width=

            "500" domElementAttachment="form">



            Suppose that this is my table:

            (row 1)--Name1--Order1---data1

            (row 2)--Name2--Order2---data2

            (row 3)--Name3--Order3---data3

            If i visualizze (for exaple row 1), modify Order1 in Order11, save the data and close the popup (no validation error).

            Now, if i open (row 2) in the popup i see the correct information Name2--Order2---data2.

            If visualizze (for exaple row 1, again), modify Order1 in "", save the data (validation error, Order is a required value), close the popup.

            Now, if i open the (row 2) in the popup i find the old value, relative to the (row 1) Name1--Order1---data1.

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              Brendan Healey Master

              Ok, as you are using domElementAttachment="form" I don't think you need the h:form that encloses the popupPanel.

              If you weren't using domElementAttachment="form" you would put the form inside the popupPanel, not outside it. I

              think that's right, I've got to admit I use jQuery dialogs rather than popupPanel.


              You are rendering the popupPanel itself, you need to render the contents of the popupPanel as per my reply, so add

              a panelGroup and render that from the commandLink and render that instead of render="popup".


              - remove the enclosing h:form from the popupPanel

                - add a panelGroup inside the popupPanel

                - render the panelGroup from the commandLink render=, not the popupPanel itself


              I think that's right!




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                Ivan Ravin Newbie

                You have to clear local values in panel:




                this way you can clear all childs in panel:




                public void refresh(String componentId) {

                     FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

                     UIComponent component = context.getViewRoot().findComponent(componentId);

                     if (component != null)




                private void clearChilds(UIComponent c) {

                     if (UIInput.class.isAssignableFrom(c.getClass())) {

                          UIInput input = (UIInput)c;




                     } else {

                          Iterator<UIComponent> kids = c.getFacetsAndChildren();

                          while (kids.hasNext()) {







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                  ugo rossi Newbie

                  Hi Brendan, thanks a lot.

                  I try to follow your indication but i have the same problem in the same condition.

                  I try to clear all childs in panel, as suggested by Ivan, and probably is the correct solution for me.




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                    Frank Ruenagel Newbie

                    Dirty solution: the Problem is somewhat hidden, if you implement client side validation. But it is still there, and dangerous....


                    What I do:

                    A workaround on client side is to prevent closing the panel,  if server sided validation errors occour:


                    <rich:popupPanel id="produktPopup"  modal="true" onmaskclick="windowcloseproduktPopup();"


                      <h:form id="xxxx">


                      <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true">

                         <script type="text/javascript">

                         function windowcloseproduktPopup() {

                              if(#{not facesContext.validationFailed}) {




                      return false;







                    As Khosro writes in his helpful reply, this is a bug. And it is still open....