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    getting started unit testing - embedded JBoss AS 7?

    Matthew Cornell Newbie

      Hi Folks. I'm just getting started with JBoss AS 7, having tried and ultimately failed to get GlassFish Embedded working for my Java EE 6 app's unit tests. Please tell me: How do I go about using JBoss to do unit tests without having the server up and running? I'm hoping that all I need is a) a .jar file (ideally one!) and b) some simple code for starting the in-memory server, configuring it, and then shutting it down. An example would be awesome! I've searched for "jboss embedded," but what I found was not on the mark or was outdated. I found the JBoss Embedded community at https://community.jboss.org/en/jbossas/embedded, but it's really dead, which is discouraging. The articles at https://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossEmbeddedAS haven't been touched in two years. I found a bunch of mentions of Arquillian, but I'm not familiar with it. Finally, the ultimate icing on the cake would be to do this without Maven. Is what I'm trying to do so strange? I saw a presentation by one of the JBoss leaders, who touted its applicability specifically for embedded unit testing, so maybe I'm using the wrong terminology in my search. Thanks in advance -- matt