Version 23

    EmbeddedAS provides an end-user API for the creation, configuration, lifecycle, and deployment operations of the JBoss Application Server.


    Module Name
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    apiorg.jboss.embedded:jboss-embedded-apiDevelopment in Use
    buildorg.jboss.embedded:jboss-embedded-buildDevelopment In Use
    coreorg.jboss.embedded:jboss-embedded-coreDevelopment in Use


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    JBoss EmbeddedAS | Development and Contribution

    Release ProcessJBoss Embedded AS | Release Process
    Project LeadAndrew Lee Rubinger - alr (at) jboss (dot) org
    ContributorsOpen; Browse JIRA and open discussion on the forum to start
    Original Authors

    Bill Burke - bill (at) jboss (dot) com

    Adrian Brock - adrian (at) jboss (dot) com


    Release Plan
    LegacySupportedLegacy Release Series, maintained by the Seam project on a minimal per-issue basis
    0.1.xRetiredPrototyping and Development Series
    1.0.0-alpha-xIn ProcessInternal Release Series used primarily for testing integration
    1.0.0-beta-xShort-termCandidate for Frozen SPIs, feature-complete
    1.0.0-cr-xShort-termRelease Candidates; SPIs Frozen
    1.0.0FuturePromoted from re-tag of a release candidate; Stable
    1.0.xFutureIncremental Patch Releases; no SPI changes, backwards-compatible
    1.x.yUnscheduledSPI change permitted; backwards-compatibility for features preserved
    2.0.0-alpha-xUnscheduledOverhaul, refactoring.  Features may be added/dropped, SPI contract disappears


    History and Overview

    Alongside development of the EJB3 Container and subsystems, Bill Burke envisioned in 2006 the notion of running EJBs outside the traditional Application Server standalone process.  The stated purpose of this undertaking was to slim the boot profile and open the doors to testing in a more rapid development cycle.  This project was adopted with success by many users and has been heralded in particular by the members of the Seam Community.  Over time, as development resources shifted towards the delivery of Application Server 5.0 it became apparent that a different implementation approach would be beneficial to let Embedded sit atop the AS as opposed to being tightly integrated into the distribution.  In late 2007 the JBoss Bootstrap project was broken from the AS source tree in order to pave the way for customizing the launch sequence, and from that base the Embedded components were reborn.