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    PostgreSQL LIMIT, OFFSET and ORDER BY clauses omitted by Teiid during translation

    Aris Arnado Newbie

      Hello guys. Sorry I'm kind of new to Teiid and I encountered this problem.

      Please see below for the details:


      Input PostgreSQL statements:

         a) SELECT <column> FROM <table> ORDER BY <column> OFFSET <offset> ROW FETCH NEXT <limit> ROWS ONLY

         b) SELECT <column> FROM <table> ORDER BY <column> LIMIT <limit>


      Output from Teiid Driver (after translation/optimization):

         a) & b) SELECT <column> FROM <table>



      (1) I would like to know what could be the possible causes why LIMIT, OFFSET and ORDER BY are removed.

      (2) Is there a way to "skip" optimization of SQL statements?


      I saw one post (not JBoss site) that adding NON_STRICT would do the trick but it didn't work for me.


      Additional Information:

      Teiid Driver Version: teiid-7.7.0.Final-client.jar

      PostgreSQL Version: 9.0.4


      Thank you very much guys.