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    Error deploying a VDB : TEIID30580

    Akash Sharma Newbie



      I am pretty new to TEIID and have unsuccessfully searched the forums for answers to my problem; so posting here.


      I have been working to set up a VDB on TEIID using the quick start examples. I chose oracle instead of H2. Now I get the following error:


      TEIID30580:  Invalid schema from translator metadata expected Acounts.CTXSYS.SYS_IOT_OVER_40883, but the returned MetadataStore contained no such schema or more than 1 schema.


      I populated the oracle database with the scripts provided in the example.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.




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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Looks like the Oracle is returning more metadata then expected. You can limit the metadata returned by adding the following filters in the -vdb.xml file under the model element defined for the oracle.


          <property name="importer.tableTypes" value="TABLE,VIEW"/>

          <property name="importer.schemaPattern" value="my-schema"/>


          See here for the -vdb.xml format. https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/TEIID/VDB+Definition


          Also, take look at Teiid Designer after you finish with Quick Start, which provides tooling for developing the Teiid VDB.



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            Akash Sharma Newbie

            Thanks Ramesh,


            That helped a lot. I could resolve the Oracle error.


            Now I have two issues:


            1. This is more of an observation. I configured my VDB to use oracle and a CSV file. Then I used Teiid jdbc driver to connect to my VDB using Squirell. I could see the tables and schema for oracle but against CSV file I could only see stored procedures and no tables were seen. I had hoped to see a table against my CSV file. Comments??


            2. I am having trouble adding a SQL server datasource.I get the following error for SQL server. I tried searching but could not find any document that talks about configuring datasources of different types. I can connect from Squirell using the same connection string that I used with teiid configuration file.


            Error Code:TEIID31097 Message:TEIID31097 Connection Factory (no data source found) provided is null; Can not proceed with metadata load.


            Do you know of any document that talks about setting datasources for different data types.


            Thanks again,



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              Ramesh Reddy Master



              1) See this for CSV file tables https://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-15673 there is more work you need to to show the tables. Teiid Designer does provide a wizard to help with these table creations.


              2) In your -vdb.xml file, under the model that defined for SQLServer, you have not defined "connection-jndi-name" on "source" element. It should look like


              <source name="accounts" translator-name="sqlserver" connection-jndi-name="java:/sqlServerDS"/>