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    Class path not loading from web-inf/classes

    Martin Thorpe Newbie


      I have been asked to start a new issue for this.


      Using AS 7.1.1 final


      I have a file stored in web-inf/classes dir for simple loading to the class path.

      This file is stored in



      I load the file like this



      Then I get a file not found exception from JBOSS because it cannot load the file from this location



      There is not bin/content directory.

      It suprises me that this does not work out of the box. Most of my daily work is with WebSphere which has no problems with this.

      Normally web-inf/classes is loaded onto the class path.


      Any ideas what the issue is? Seems like a bug to me as the location it is searcing in bin/content does not even exist. It obviously finds the file on the class path.


      thanks for reading


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