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    CLOB to string

    Mónica L.A. Newbie

      I've got a freebase page which return a text (http://api.freebase.com/api/trans/raw/guid/9202a8c04000641f800000000029c281).

      I've created a source view based on a webservice datasource (REST or NON SOAP) wich reference http://api.freebase.com/api/trans

      I've created a model view which generate dinamically the url based on the source model.

      How can I get the text returned by this url like as string ¿?. I've used this sentence (SELECT z.result FROM (EXEC FreebaseTrans.invokeHttp(action => 'GET', endpoint => VARIABLES.INPUT_ENDPOINT)) AS z);

      but I don't know how to convert result attribute (blob) to a string