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    Recommended Way Forward from JBossESB

    Zach Anderson Newbie

      I need some advice.  I'm currently working on a project that uses JBossESB with JbossAS 5.1.0.   The project is in a fairly secure environment that requires regular security update patches, and the upcoming end of public updates to Java 6 has driven our management to make the switch to Java 7 to prevent any update lapses for Java.  Therefore, we're being forced to switch to JBoss AS 7.  We're tyring to determine the best way forward to replace the JBossESB since there is no Jboss 7 support.  Is switchyard that product?  Will it be 'ready' by the time that Java 6 is EOL?  The way that we're structured, I'm going to get a JBoss stack handed to me that fits in our environment, so the next question is, if we decide to go with switchyard, what are the steps to add it to an existing JBoss 7 AS stack?