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    Does jbpm5 have these features blow?

    jie bao Newbie



      I try to send a mail to jbpm-dev@lists.jboss.org,but the mail was rejected in error.

      i'd like to know that whether or how many features are supported  in jbpm5 .

      1. Workflows can be graphically designed.
      2. Drag-and-drop of workflow components
      3. Can be designed by non-technical users
      4. Allows tracking of workflow status
      5. Subsequent workflow steps can be activated without requiring completion of previous steps
      6. System calendar distinguishes work days,holidays/vacation, and work day start/end times
      7. Splits and re-joins workflow branches
      8. The workflow administrator can reassign workflow steps in real time
      9. Workflow administrator can delegate rights to users
      10. User is notified of requirements to complete tasks
      11. Maintains audit trails for change tracking
      12. form system
      13. user management
      14. diversified  client view



      thank you for reply