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    ROTATE result set?

    Mark Addleman Master

      We have some data sources that provide columns in a row-wise format.  For example:

      key          value

      -----          ------

      k1            v1

      k2            v2


      I'd like to dynamically construct an inline view that rotates the data such that:

      k1          k2

      ---          ---

      v1          (null)

      (null)       v2


      I've been trying to come up with a clever way to use TEXTTABLE or ARRAYTABLE to perform the rotation but I've run out of clever-juice.  Any thoughts?  It looks like there is no way to write the equivalent of ARRAYTABLE in a translator (ie, a function/procedure that produces a dynamically constructed result set as, I suspect, the equivalent of a dynamically constructed view).