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    Shaping Warp Alpha2

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Hey everyone,


      I went through Warp issues and scheduled them to:



      warp_1.0.0.tracking (Issues to be likely addressed in scope of 1.0)

      warp_1.next (Features and issues to be included in future releases)


      For Alpha2 I plan to


      • cover all featured bug fixes


      ARQ-982 Response header size exceeded in Warp test.

      ARQ-972 Warp tests should be excluded from scanning by CDI container


      • introduce features which were identified as critical for Warp-based tests


      ARQ-967 client-side filters for waiting for "right" request or enriching several requests

      ARQ-980 Make ServletRequest an injectable resource

      ARQ-964 Verify that all tests in ServerAssertion has been called - prevents false negatives

      ARQ-992 Warp does not support request redirection.

      ARQ-1003 Request timeouts during server/proxy debugging


      • introduce SPI changes in order to allow integrate with Warp's and Arquillian's extensions easily


      ARQ-979 Allow Warp extensions to inject Arquillian resources

      ARQ-981 Move BeforeServletEvent and AfterServletEvent to SPI

      ARQ-1027 Support CommandService Protocol SPI via Warp Protocol




      So right now, it is ideal time to step in and involve in development of new features or get fixes done,

      or make sure your favorite issues gets into Alpha2 release!