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    Safari + Panel Item problem

    jules poit Newbie

      Good morning,


      I have a slight issue, I am forcing a click on a panel item menu :


      document.getElementById('form:repeat:'+position +':panelMenuItem').click();


      With position the item position in the menu panel Item.

      This working with no issue on IE 8, Firefox and chrome but not with Safari. The javascript console tells me that it does not found the "click()" event.

      So I took a look with the javascript debugger of Safari and the panelMenuItem element is just recognize as a div and there are no click() event in the component - And of course this event exists when I look with firefox or chrome javascript debugger.


      Any idea why ??


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          jules poit Newbie

          So, I am adding some comments.


          It weird, I am not sure it is related to JSF but ...

          It seems that in Safari Firebug like , some functions does not exist. I put some screen captures. One is what I see in Firefox Firebug and the other one what I see in Safari Firebug.


          I do not understand why all the "custom" javascript function does not exist in Safari !!


          Firefox :






          So I do not see QueryInterface nor click. And in RF, only component ...

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            jules poit Newbie

            I found my answer, I just used jquery :


            jQuery(document.getElementById('form:repeat:'+position +':panelMenuItem')).trigger("click");


            and it works like a charm