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    Cookie name ... is a reserved token / session id

    stoppen Newbie

      Hi Group


      i'm new here so first "hello!" to all readers!


      i have a problem with migrating an web application from Jboss 5 to 7.1.1, exactly there is a probolem with the session id.

      i want to configure jb 7.1.1 in domain mode, as it's really cool to configure, but in the logon procedure of the app i get an error:



      08:42:18,962 ERROR [....seam.components.AbstractComponent] (http-- user xxx host jb7-dev(http://jb7-dev:8080/XXXXX/login.seam) failed to login: Cookie name "17CpUQ-Unjfx1lhGHWuVhSLp.master:node1" is a reserved token

      08:42:18,963 ERROR [stderr] (http-- java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cookie name "17CpUQ-Unjfx1lhGHWuVhSLp.master:node1" is a reserved token

      08:42:18,964 ERROR [stderr] (http--  at javax.servlet.http.Cookie.<init>(Cookie.java:189)



      What i found out is that the ":" in the cookie string causes this problem, but i've no idea where to configure the session string layout.

      Is this a job for the developers or is there the need to change the jboss configuration?


      Maybe someone can lead me to the right direction.


      thanks in advance,