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    Can't setup Drolls Guvnor and Console

    Souvik Bhattacharya Newbie


          I would like to setup Drolls-Guvnor and console in my project. I already downloaded the jbpm-5.3.0.Final-installer-full.zip and completed Jboss 7  and eclipse plugin setup. Now my requirmnet is to setup guvnor and cosole. So, please let me know the following things,


      a) Which war files should be deployed?
      b) Do I need to put jbpm libraries in server? If yes then which location?

      c) Is there any pre-requisite?client demo


      If possible please provide me a document, where the things written stepwise.


      Please help me to figure the problem out, so I can use JBPM in my project.