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    Bpmn2 custom elements

    Aleco Meladze Newbie

      Hello everybody. I'm new to bpmn2 development and I had an assignment to add some custom elements to an eclipse plugin of jbpmn. I downloaded the source code and started to look around. I need to add elements like Email Task and Log Task that are in a package apart called org.eclipse.bpmn2.modeler.extras. So I created my own package to include my elements. I changed a code a little bit and it works but the problem is that when I reopen the editor it shows me a raw Task figure. But the thing is that a native Email Task element becomes the raw Task figure as well, loosing it's envelope image in the upper left corner. Than i looked in bpmn2 diagram file and it's xml representation of Email Task is the same of that of a normal Task, same thing with my element.


           <bpmn2:task id="Task_2" drools:taskName="email" name="Email Task"/>

           <bpmn2:task id="Task_3" drools:taskName="dutyBinding" name="MyCustomElement"/>


      I tried to replicate UserTask element because it is the one that works the way I would to, like but I can't get it to work. I'd prefer to have a package apart like modeler.extras but any way would do.