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    JBoss 7 not cleaning up VFS leading to huge directory

    Stian Lund Expert


      in our installation of JBoss 7.1.2 final we are noticing that the <server>/tmp/vfs directory is growing for each restart.


      It is now for one appserver about 800MB, which granted is not massively huge, but I suspect it will just continue growing until it becomes a major problem. I would like to keep the installation as small as possible, obviously.


      Apparently it creates deployment and temp directories with a random id tagged on, and then unpacks any war or ear files found in deployments here. Over time these are not cleaned up resulting in them growing over time.


      I find some references to earlier problems on here, with VFS not being cleaned up, but it seems to be related to AS5 and 6. Sorry if this is a FAQ issue...


      I am thinking of changing our init-script to delete tmp/vfs when stopping, but it is not a very elegant solution, I am hoping there is a way for JBoss to control the size of the VFS itself.


      Is there any solutions to this, jvm properties or settings in standalone.xml that can fix this? Is it a bug in VFS or anything we are doing wrong?