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    Question about TransactionManager in EmbeddedConfiguration

    Ivan Chan Apprentice

      What should I set for TransactionManager in EmbeddedConfiguration?  I found the following code in your embedded server test code:


      if (config.getTransactionManager() == null) {
      this.transactionService.setWorkManager(new FakeWorkManager());
      detectTransactions = false;


      What is the default in runtime for standalone version?  Thanks.


      - Ivan

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          Steven Hawkins Master

          That code is for the FakeServer, which is just a test harness.  The EmbeddedServer does not require a TransactionManager.  See the EmbeddedServer class.  If you don't set a TransactionManger any transaction related method will fail with an unsupported operation exception.  If you are in a transaction aware environment, then you should set the EmbeddedConfiguration TransactionManager to the TransactionManager in that environment (you would typically have to perform a JNDI lookup).