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    sun-jms-adapter.rar in JBoss AS 7

    RB Whitaker Newbie

      We're trying to upgrade one of our applications from JBoss 5 to JBoss 7.1.1. We need our application to be able to receive messages from a JMS topic that is running on a remote WebLogic server. Under JBoss 5, we were using sun-jms-adapter.rar as a resource adapter to make this happen, but we have been unable to successfully get this working on JBoss 7. The adapter is actually deploying, and it looks like our message driven bean is picking up on it and trying to use it, but crashing with a NullPointerException that has the feel of not being configured correctly.


      I'd be happy to walk anyone through the details of what we've got if that's helpful, but before that, I wanted to see if someone could just point out an example that shows specifically how to get sun-jms-adapter.rar up and running in JBoss 7 (annotations on the MessageDriven bean class, configuration in the standalone.xml file, etc.).


      I've searched the Internet high and low for the last few days with no success, but we can't be the only people trying to do this.