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    Limiting source tables in dynamic VDBs

    Samier Nadji Newbie



      We have a very big database with lots of tables. It takes a very long time to load the metadata when the VDB is deployed.


      We tried the following solutions:



      Does not work in our scenario because we need multiple tables that don’t have same name patterns.



      Very slow because it seems the Teiid code in JDBCMetdataProcessor.getColumns() calls metadata.getColumns() for all the tables (even the excluded ones). The while loop to process the columns is what takes a long time.


      Include the schema in the source model:

      Works, but it’s a bit of pain to gather the table metadata.


      Is there a better solution? Is it possible to change the code in JDBCMetdataProcessor.getColumns() to only get columns for the tables that are included in the tableMap? i.e. if an exclusion filter is specified, call metadata.getColumns() separately for each table.