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    At this point, most say going from JBoss 4 to 5 is a bad decision. How about moving from JBoss EAP 4 to JBoss EAP 5?

    Nicholas DiPiazza Novice

      I started a discussion the other day: "How to upgrade from JBoss4 to JBoss5" - https://community.jboss.org/message/757106#757106


      The reason I decided to make this document was to help the company I am contracting for perform an upgrade. They are wanting to move from JBoss AS4 to AS5. No problem, I've done it a bunch of times and I was going to help them do it.


      When the various folks took a look at my upgrade guide... they said "Why in the world would you want to move from 4 to 5.... both unsupported and non-maintained software?" They said the problem is if you run into a bug while upgrading to JBoss AS5... you will be on your own to either fix it or upgrade to a later version of JBoss.


      But I incorrectly assumed they were using the community versions of JBoss. I found out we are actually on JBoss EAP versions at this company. Something I don't have much experience with.


      Here's my question: If we find a bug in JBoss AS5 EAP that blocks us... will Redhat still refuse to fix it?