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    TEIID on tomcat

    nishikant Sahu Newbie

      Hi ,


      Is it possible to run TEIID on Tomcat instead of JBoss Server ? if Yes ,Which version of TEIID and Tomcat are compatible?

      Is there any documents or procedure to configure TEIID and Tomcat ?


      you may please send the doc/procedure at nishikantsahu@gmail.com



      Nishikant Sahu

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          Steven Hawkins Master



          I deleted your duplicate posting to keep this thread in a single place.  Teiid 8.1 does have an EmbeddedServer feature that is free of AS dependencies - however it should be considered a tech preview at this state.  There are no formal docs and the apis will evolve.  But you can download http://www.jboss.org/teiid/downloads the embedded kit, have a look at the example and reference unit tests in SVN to see more usage of the EmbeddedServer.