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    VDB and WAR with the same name conflict

    luca gioppo Novice

      I've noticed that if you create a VDB with the same name of a WAR the VDB does not get active.


      This happened with my testing on generating a web service from a VDB and since it proposed me the same name of the VDB.


      Env: JBoss 7.1.1+TEIID 8.1 and designer 7.8


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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          So they deploy fine but not get VDB is not active? In theory they are not related, there must be something else going on. Can you check the error messages on the VDB to see if there are any other errors?


          You can use Jboss CLI and issue command like "/subsystem=teiid:getVDB("<name>", version)", it should show you the details about the VDB.