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    user page personalization

    imremarko Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      We’ve started investigation and working with GateIn 3.4 and we’ve stumbled upon one topic (personalization) for which we’re going to need some guidance.


      From what I’ve seen, the portal allows users to personalize their Dashboard part. But if we want users to be able to personalize other portal pages, is there a specific mechanism for this?


      Here’s what we are trying to achieve: we would have a portal with its page and navigation structure. Users would have edit rights on a specific page, allowing them to personalize it according to their needs (add/remove portlets, change portlet preferences, modify the portlet arrangement, etc.).


      Currently, when we try this out, the changes that are made apply for all the users possessing the same rights and not for that specific user who made the changes.


      Is this functionality possible in GateIn? Are we investigating this in a wrongly manner?


      Any help or guidance would be very appreciated.


      Thanks a lot,