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    Richfaces 4 configuration problems.

    Juan Lv Newbie

      Hi, I'm new in this comunity and I've a lot of energy to work with us!!!


      I've installed Eclipse Juno, JBoss Server 7 and JBossTools.

      I've created a new JSF Project adding into the folder WEB-INF/lib the libraries according with de development guide:


      Sin título12.jpg


      By default the web.xml generated is this:




      To check that all runs ok, I've created and "Run as server" an XHTM. Appears the error 404: the resource requied is not allowed.

      Trying all the options I've removed all servlet definition of the web.xml. Surprisingly the XHTML with the tipical box of AJAX default saying: "Write your own custom rich components with built-in AJAX support" has appeared!!!! Quickly I've placed a calendar and a lot of other AJAX control. Then with for example, using tabs or with rich:map tag, appears the 500 error saying that it has been a problem with the servlet.



      Have we to add something in the web.xml (servlet or context parameters)???


      thanks in advance!!!!