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    Re: Error connecting to Teiid(VDB) using JDBC

    Sarik Bansal Newbie

      Hi Ramesh,

               I have created a VDB using designer and deployed it onto the JBoss AS server. Now I am successfully able to connect to a VDB using JAVA JDBC connection and able to retrieve the result locally.

      Now, I want to deploy the VDB to a unix server running JBOSS AS as well. So  have hot deployed the VDB in the JBOSS AS and it was saying deployed successfully. But when I tried to connect this VDb from my java code using the url jdbc:teiid:<Organisation>@mm[s]://<lonrs08433>:<8280>, I am not able to connect to it :-


      1) The username and password I have supplied was "user" and "user".... Is this correct


      So, can you plz tell me what is the best way of deploying and connecting a vdb remotely not locally.