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    JBoss 7: Inject meta data in client side EJBContext and process it before security interceptor



      I m having a challenge when trying to achieve the following in AS 7


      1. Inject some meta data in client side EJBContext.

      2. Performing some setup on server side according to the metadata from the client, BEFORE the SecurityContextInterceptor is called.


      What I am trying:

      1. Using the method suggested in https://community.jboss.org/message/757687

      This is working fine, I can see the meta data in InvocationContext

      2. Add a new SetupAction to AdditionalSetupInterceptor, which is called before SecurityContextInterceptor.

      I manage to get this done by creating a new extension and subsystem.


      The challenge:

      When AdditionalSetupInterceptor calls SetupAction.setup(), it always pass in an empty Map, so I don't have any InvocationContext thus I dont have the metadata from the client.


      My question:

      Is there a way to add an interceptor before SecruityContextInterceptor? If I can do so, then I can get the metadata I need.

      In general, is this SetupAction a recommended way to achieve my goal? If so, what is the intentional use of the the Map parameter in setup() and teardown() methods?


      Any help is greatly appreciated. If I didnt explain anything clear, please let me know.