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    Arquillian Persistency Extension: Custom Types for XLS Datasets

    Norsay Norsay Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm using Arquillian persistency extension with XLS datasets for my test data. Some of my entities are containing date information which is stored into a LocalTimeDate user type object as UTC time (so it's not actuially a normal java.util.Date). The user type mapping works fine and my data can be read or written correctly...


      As soon as I'm inserting data from my XLS dataset, it seems like it is handled as normal date which ends in a few hour difference. So I'd like to ensure a LocalTimeDate object is created instead of a normal Date object when test data are being inserted from XLS...


      Does anybody know this problem? Or even better, has a solution already?


      Any hints are appreciated very much!


      Cheers, norsay