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    Upgrading HornetQ version in JBoss7

    qtm Newbie



      I want to have the fix for the problem I've described in https://community.jboss.org/thread/206484?tstart=0 , so I've taken 2.2.21 from git and built it. If I test it in a HornetQ standalone mode I can see the bug has been fixed, but if I try to integrate it in JBoss7.1 by replacing the jars the issue is still happening. I guess I'm not completing all the necessary steps:

      at the moment I'm just replacing the jars(hornetq-ra.jar, hornetq-core.jar, hornetq-jms.jar) from [jboss_installation]/modules/org/hornetq and updating their modules so they point to the correct jar.


      Can someone shine some light on this issue?


      Thank you

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