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    View Model properties and column level properties in MED

    Amit Jahagirdar Newbie


      I m trying to add extension properties on view model and its column.

      In teiid designer I select View model  and it column for mxd generation.

      Added few properties at both level.

      Issue: Although I m able to see the props at column level,i m unable to see them in the properties editor at view model level.

      1) Where can i see the extension properties on view model in Teiid designer?

      2) What is the significance of column level properties at Base table?and what is the difference between column at view model and column at base table ?




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          Barry LaFond Master

          The MED framework only allows extending model contents (table, view, procedure, column etc...).  These properties are passed generically through the VDB and are available through Teiid Runtime Metadata for consumption by your custom Translator.


          Note that from VDB standpoint, the "Model == Schema". If it will be useful to you to defined properties for your Model/Schema then please log a TEIID Jira.


          Note lastly, that extended column properties on a "source" table, do not get propogated/applied to the transformed "view" table.



          Teiid Designer Team

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            skethire Newbie



            I have a related question.  Is it possible to apply extended column/table/view/procedure properties to entities in the view model using the designer?  I know it can be done using the api.


            I am not looking to propagate the extended properties from the source model element to view model elements.  I want to set them directly on the view model elements.


            I have an application that can use some additional metadata on the view model entities (which standard jdbc does not support).  I want to create an MED and apply it to my view model.




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              Dan Florian Newbie

              Hi Srini,


              When using the "New Model Extension Definition" wizard to create a MED, you can set the model type to be only the "View Model." Also, for existing MEDs, you can use the MED editor to just select "View Model" as the model type. Once you register this MED with the MED registry, its properties should only be available to view models.